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Blankets – pillows

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Pregnancy pillow practical even before birth!
A breastfeeding pillow is often also referred to as a pregnancy pillow, because you can use it sensibly even before the birth. The more your belly grows during pregnancy, the more grateful you will be for support while sitting and sleeping. To find a comfortable sleeping position, place the pillow in front of you with one end between your knees and the top end under your head. Regardless of pregnancy, a nursing pillow is also often used as a side sleeper pillow. Placed in this way, the pregnancy pillow supports your stomach. When you are sitting, you simply put the pillow on your back to relieve it.

A nursing pillow helps you to find the right position when breastfeeding. The baby is at chest height and you don't have to bend down, so you prevent tension. Breastfeeding works much better that relaxed. After breastfeeding, you should let your baby burp to let out any air that may have been swallowed. It is best to put a nursing cloth over your shoulder so that your clothes are protected.

Blankets Here you will find our blankets, from play blankets for children's early learning or for our elderly people with dementia, photo blankets for very special memories, each one unique in itself, or cuddly blankets simply to cuddle with. All are put together individually or tailored to your color preferences, I am happy to communicate with you via Whatsapp.

photo blankets

Spend cozy hours with your photo blanket
Design your own photo blanket now and cozy hours are pre-programmed! But a blanket with a photo doesn't just make a good impression on cold winter days - it's also ideal as a decorative accent piece in your living room, as a bedspread or dog blanket.

Your premium photo blanket will impress you with its cuddly soft plush fabric made from 100% polyester and the colorful photo print. Atelier MiaMia prints exclusively with hypoallergenic branded inks without chemical additives so that your blanket can bring joy to young and old without hesitation. Photo blankets from Atelier MiaMia can be washed at 30° without affecting the photo print - so long-lasting joy is guaranteed!