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Money – handbags backpacks

In Atelier MiaMia you will also find handbags, purses, backpacks and kindergarten bags individually tailored to you. We women all love handbags and purses. Each of our pieces is always made individually for everyone, due to the different fabric patterns, each one is absolutely unique. our purses are always available in 3 different sizes so there is something for everyone.
A very special gift is our purse with a personal photo.
in all possible shapes, sizes and colors, handbags have become an integral part of a woman's wardrobe. There is always something to stow away, even if it's just a wallet, keys, make-up or cell phone.

A centuries-old tradition

Fastened to a belt of fabric or leather, medieval men mainly stowed money in the bag, but also other small personal items. Only since the Renaissance did women also begin to carry handbags hidden between their skirts. By the 19th century at the latest, no lady left the house without them. Handbags only became really colorful in the 20th century, when there were new technical possibilities for sophisticated elaboration.

Spoiled for choice - the small 1x1 of the handbag clutch:

The small, handleless handbags are ideal for chic events where you don't have to take a lot with you. As long as your blush, revitalash and councealer are clean.

Pochette: Constructed similarly to the clutch; however, it has a fine, long chain that can be slung over the shoulder.

Baguette: Small, narrow and long, this bag is reminiscent of the classic French bread. It has short handles, with which you can just clamp the bag under your arm.

Hobo: A crescent-shaped, crumpled, large bag that fits a lot and slings over your shoulders.

Messenger: Lots of storage space with a solid shape. Perfect for work and university when you need to take folders and a laptop with you.

Tote-Bag: A large bag with short and sturdy handles that can take a beating. It is carried in the hand or on the forearm.


Woman's best friend - the handbag
Trendsetters and fashion experts agree: Handbags are the most important accessory of all and in every season. Handbags can be taken anywhere and offer plenty of space for the little things of everyday life. Made of fine leather, they are exactly the right accompaniment to suits and pantsuits for the day in the office. And in addition to all the important little things, the laptop can also be transported very stylishly in a handbag. The handbags made of fabric, on the other hand, are the best accessories for leisure, for shopping, a visit to coffee or a trip to the nearest lake. Trendy details such as bows and fringes make the new handbag collections something very special. And together with a summer dress, your favorite sunglasses and sandals, the outfit is perfect. In the evening, the handbag cuts a great figure with a cocktail dress and heels.

Colorful, more colorful - boho!

We finally have the right accessory for the perfect festival look. The bags now have bohemian-style tassels, pompoms and fringes. Boho is now not only dresses, but also handbags. But the colorful accessory can not only be worn with the all-over boho look, but also skilfully spices up a simple outfit. If the bag is not too overloaded, you can also carry it to work. With a white blouse and simple trousers, this is exactly the fashion piece that makes the outfit something special.

Strapped on and put on: fanny packs and backpacks are conquering the city
The comeback of bags that are worn around the waist or on the belt was already announced in the autumn/winter 2016 season - now the practical bags, thanks to which we finally have our hands free, are definitely on trend. Fast track: Whether glittering, elegant or girly in delicate pastel shades – there is no way around fanny packs this season. The same applies to backpacks: in the coming spring/summer season, they will not only be the perfect companions for hiking or attending festivals – backpacks will also be carried again in the city.

The small fashion accessory that reliably accompanies us every day - the purse not only impresses with its practical properties, but is also at the forefront of fashion with a wide variety of designs.

Always with you – your wallet

No matter where you are, your wallet is your faithful companion. Always ready to hand, our wallet stores cash, credit cards, coupons, ID cards and, why not, there is also space for your lipstick and even eyeliner. All the important things you need, right?... You pick up the kids from school and make a quick stop at the supermarket on the way home? The purse travels reliably in the tray. It also feels comfortable in your handbag and accompanies you to the office, to Saturday coffee with your best friend and to a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one. In classic black, beige or brown, with a dreamy floral pattern or in bright trendy colors - there is something for every taste in our range.

The little trend piece

Even if the purse was designed for practical reasons, fashionistas have long since recognized that this small part really packs a punch. It is one of the trendiest pieces when it comes to accessories. The wallet keeps appearing day in and day out. Your purse in animal print immediately attracts everyone's attention when you fish it out of your bag and your black designer piece cuts a stunning figure with your elegant dress. Why should you limit yourself to just one wallet when it's fun to mix and match different colors and designs? Just like handbags and shoes, women can never have enough purses in their closet. Whether with striking appliqués or kept in a classic style - you will definitely not want to let go of your new favorite piece anytime soon.

Backpacks & kindergarten bags for boys and girls

For many children, the first day of kindergarten is an experience full of palpitations and excitement, because from then on they no longer spend the whole day with mum, but meet other adults and get to know new children. On such an important day, a suitable backpack or a kindergarten bag should not be missing. These will play a major role in the kids' lives at this stage. Because they can be filled with a wide variety of things that are important for everyday life in kindergarten or for a kindergarten excursion. Kindergarten bags and backpacks offer enough space for food, drink and even your favorite toys.

Although enough storage space is very important for kindergarten backpacks and preschool satchels, the design should not be neglected either! Does your child love unusual things and is enthusiastic about bright colors and patterns? Then you are guaranteed to find the perfect companion for your kids for kindergarten in our tausendkind online shop.

Companion for kids in everyday kindergarten life

Kindergarten bags must be stable for girls and boys, and at the same time not be heavy and, above all, not be packed too full. You should make sure that the children's backpack is not too big for your darling's back and that the bag does not pull down your child's shoulders when carrying it.

With their own boy's or girl's bag, your child takes responsibility for their own belongings. When packing, you should also make sure that everything is stowed away well and cannot fall out.