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Cheerful, colorful and cheerful with great motif fabrics and simple, subtle fabrics. From small, for example, as a blanket for the child's seat, to very large as a bedspread for the double bed. The possible uses are very different. You can decide for yourself how thick it should be, normally thin with 1cm fleece or nice and thick with 3cm fleece.

Why does it have to be this baby blanket?

There are lots of great reasons for this: Each cuddly blanket is sewn individually and individually for you. You design the baby blanket with your desired dates and/or your favorite photo. Each baby blanket is made from the finest cotton (organic) and the highlight is that all baby data is embroidered. This means that all desired data are embroidered on individual patches when embroidering. This means that every baby blanket (organic) is an absolutely fine and lovingly knitted unique piece - completely personally designed just for you and your little or big darling.

Baby blankets and XL cuddly blankets made of 100% cotton (organic) in the colors: pink - gray - beige - light blue - red - dark blue - navy and many great designs such as the cuddly me, dear heart, gentle breeze, zodiac sign, Scandinavia or cuddly, XL cuddly blanket crowned.

The baby blankets (organic) are washable at 30 degrees - perfect for every baby gift - even after many, many years - carefully washed with a mild detergent - this cuddly part still looks like the first day. You can also air dry your favorite cuddly blanket and continue to enjoy the best cuddly fun.

The baby blanket is always guaranteed to be "THE RIGHT GIFT" and one of the most loving gifts for life and a wonderful souvenir of the wonderfully carefree childhood!

For the SMALL ONE for birth, christening or birthday (up to the age of 7 the small blanket is perfect for your mice) - for the LARGE ONE for confirmation, communion or youth initiation, for coming of age, for a wedding, for a birthday, for everyone round birthday, for a silver or golden wedding anniversary or just for a loved one - always the right gift for small and large and for young and old. Let's browse: Find your favorite design and create the little one a beautifully personalized cuddly blanket made of cotton (organic)...!