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At Atelier MiaMia you can buy handmade baby clothes and children's clothes online.

Baby fashion for the smallest boys and girls, premature babies

In our online shop you will find comfortable and colorful baby fashion for boys and girls, even for premature babies from size 44. The little mice started early and need it to be particularly comfortable. We attach particular importance to the best quality of cotton fabrics or organic cotton fabrics.

Baby clothes for boys and girls

Our baby clothes are casual, cool and a little different. We pay attention to sustainability and always only produce after ordering, we are happy to make your adjustments to the size of the waist circumference ect. or changes in combinations or comments gladly consider. This will certainly result in great new creations, which we can then include in our online range. It is also important to us that baby clothes can be worn for a long time, how quickly most of them outgrow them. Buy once and wear twice as long, then buying is twice as much fun. What do you all mean?

Baby clothes for girls & boys

Dressing your baby properly and nicely from the very beginning will be an ongoing task for you. As a new parent, you can dress the newborn in lots of great, cute and beautiful clothes. However, you should always make sure that your baby feels comfortable in the clothes and that the size fits. Comfortable and practical clothing is therefore important for your newborn. When buying new clothes for your child, you should therefore pay particular attention to three points:

  • Baby clothes should feel good against your child's skin.
  • The clothes should offer your baby enough warmth.
  • Your baby's clothing should always be free of harmful substances.

Baby fashion to feel good

In order for your child to feel comfortable in their clothes, you should above all buy warm, soft and non-itching clothing. Natural fabrics are therefore usually excellent. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or wool feel very good on your baby's skin. In addition, there are no known allergies to the materials mentioned. Natural materials are usually available, although somewhat more expensive, in organic quality.

What clothes are important for your baby?

Especially in the first 6 months you don't need a lot of clothes in the same size, because your child needs a new size every few weeks anyway. So focus on what is essential. Sometimes it is enough to cover your baby with a blanket when it is cold. Nevertheless, your child should at least have a warm set for going outside. But make sure that the warm suit is practical and can be opened from top to bottom. So that your child does not freeze on the head, hats are always great for indoors. A thin cotton hat and a wool hat for outdoors protect the initially very bald head from the cold.

You can not only buy all our clothes in different sizes in our online shop, but also on site in the studio MiaMia Auerbacher Str. 1 in 08248 Klingenthal. Here you can get advice from us in the store and see for yourself whether you like the colors of the baby clothes. Discover the variety of baby fashion and either order it conveniently online at home or pick it up directly from us. Find lots of cute clothes for your baby for both girls and boys at the best prices. It's easy with Atelier MiaMia right from the start!