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Atelier MiaMia Kuschel - adventure blanket playpen 6 corner green dots stars owls 10

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100% handmade, suitable for premature babies

Each product is unique, limited. Unique

Customizable and Customizable Embroidery

The highest quality standards for processing, material and sustainability

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High quality

High-quality fabrics with the best processing quality, no mass-produced goods, also possible for premature babies from size 44 and smaller.

100% handmade

Each product is made by Manu with love and by hand... High quality and sustainability is our top priority!

Each product is unique

Each product is customizable, can be personalized if you have any questions, contact me via Whats app or email - I'm happy to help you -

Playpen insert for 6 square playpen

also for 4 square playpens!

Crawling mat with nest for a hexagonal playpen. You can choose between a normal insert without game elements or with game elements. The crawling blanket is nice and thick so that it is also great for the floor, the back is a cuddly plush.

Dimensions: Each edge length 57cm

simple: patched with cotton fabrics including nests
Game elements: patched with cotton fabrics, touch pads/other fabric structures, rattle, teething ring, squeaker, crackling foil, including nest
New game elements: patched with cotton fabrics, touch pads/other fabric structures, rattle, teething ring, squeaker, crackling foil, ribbon panel, wooden ring, Velcro panel, including nest

If you would like this playpen set for a 4-cornered playpen please let me know!

Lovingly and elaborately crafted adventure blanket for a hexagonal playpen for our little darlings in patchwork style, the set consists of the blanket and the nest. The different fabrics with the most different structures are the purest feeling experience for the little ones from corduroy - cotton - wellness fleece - velor to linen and customs fur. And that's also included: squeaker, crackling foil, gripping ring and rattles, so the blanket is a pure adventure blanket with which the baby can learn and play a lot.

The underside can be made of soft teddy plush, polar fleece or wellness fleece, the top is cotton and a wide variety of fabrics, the interior of the blanket is an extra thick fleece 3.5-4cm which makes the blanket cozy and cuddly. Also ideal as a play mat outside the grid.

The blanket can also be made of other colors depending on your wishes, the name is included as an embroidery, so don't forget to include it.

Gladly also with choice of fabric - see - Category fabrics Name embroidery included !!!!