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At Atelier MiaMia you will find a huge selection of fabrics at fair prices. Fabrics by the meter for clothing and decoration or furniture - we offer a wide range for all possible uses! You can also buy leather and outdoor fabrics online from us.

Discover our varied range of fabrics: over 3,000 different fabrics are available by the meter in our online shop. Of course you get all clothing fabrics, patchwork fabrics, fabrics by the meter and much more. in top quality and at fair prices.

Are you still looking for the right fabric for your next sewing project? Then you are guaranteed to find your favorite fabric in one of our popular categories. Discover fabrics that have already delighted our customers!

Sewing is trendy

Whether bags, pillowcases, clothing or children's things - sewing yourself is absolutely trendy! More and more people are discovering how much fun it is to create something new and unique from a piece of fabric. Find everything you need for your hobby in the online shop - from fabrics sold by the metre haberdashery up to sewing machine .

Which fabric for what?

In the search for the right fabric, the basic question about the type of fabric is required. Fabric is not the same fabric and for cuddly soft children's clothing you need different yard goods than for robust furniture covers. If you are still undecided which piece of fabric fits your sewing project, a look at our fabric categories can help you. Whether jersey fabrics, decorative fabrics or dress & blouse fabrics, at the beginning of each fabric category you will find a short introductory text on the respective fabric, in which you will learn something about the use and processing of the fabrics by the meter. You can find more information about the types of fabric on the respective product page in the item description. And that's not all, in our online shop you also have the option of filtering according to the use of a substance. This makes it much easier for you to search for the right dress or bag fabric.

Filter fabrics by the meter correctly

Do you already know what fabric quality you need and don't want to waste time searching? Then simply use our fabric finder or the quality filter (filter by colour, size, brand, type of fabric and much more) and limit your search to muslin or linen fabrics, for example. Of course you also have the option of filtering the fabrics by the meter according to pattern, use or fabric bargains.