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Atelier MiaMia pacifier chain for the stroller or baby seat 4 white

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100% handmade, suitable for premature babies

Each product is unique, limited. Unique

Customizable and Customizable Embroidery

The highest quality standards for processing, material and sustainability

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High quality

High-quality fabrics with the best processing quality, no mass-produced goods, also possible for premature babies from size 44 and smaller.

100% handmade

Each product is made by Manu with love and by hand... High quality and sustainability is our top priority!

Each product is unique

Each product is customizable, can be personalized if you have any questions, contact me via Whats app or email - I'm happy to help you -

pacifier chain

Would you like to have a great accessory for the baby seat or stroller? The pacifier chain consists of silicone balls/stars and a wooden ring with great, sweet muslin ears for sniffing or cuddling ;o)

Do you want the name with it? please let me know and I'll be happy to tie it in for you, the letters are wooden balls.
Please note that each chain is made individually and each is unique, the components shown are, however, the arrangement can always be different. Do you have color preferences? please write to me

Warnings: The chain is well knotted twice, but you should always check whether everything is tight to prevent the risk of suffocation!

At Atelier MiaMia you can buy an individual product that is made by me with care and a lot of love. I align the item shown in the product image.
The bright colors, mini wooden rings attract attention and promote the mental and motor development of the child. The grip toy is the ideal size for baby hands and is helpful for the first attempts to grasp and feel something.
The materials used (beads, motif and wooden discs) are saliva-proof and made of wood. Crochet bead is made of cotton inner ball depending on stock made of wood or cotton ball. Also available with muslin ends