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Atelier MiaMia - Jersey muslin scarf triangular scarf flowers // 1

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100% handmade, suitable for premature babies

Each product is unique, limited. Unique

Customizable and Customizable Embroidery

The highest quality standards for processing, material and sustainability

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High quality

High-quality fabrics with the best processing quality, no mass-produced goods, also possible for premature babies from size 44 and smaller.

100% handmade

Each product is made by Manu with love and by hand... High quality and sustainability is our top priority!

Each product is unique

Each product is customizable, can be personalized if you have any questions, contact me via Whats app or email - I'm happy to help you -

Muslin - jersey neckerchief
Super modern and soft muslin scarf for every occasion.
Available in many different colors!!
Size: about 100cm x 60cm small

Size: about 130cm x 90cm tall

Triangular scarf - The accessory for women and children

Our triangular scarves are casual neck flatterers - they are versatile, extremely variable and enhance every outfit, whether sporty in everyday life or elegant in the evening. The fashionable triangular scarf is a perfect alternative to a scarf. The advantage of a triangular scarf is that due to its triangular shape, it keeps you warm and protects you from the cold much better than a classic scarf. And best of all: the triangular scarf can be tied in many ways - whether it's classic, casually thrown over the shoulder, knotted or in a loop.

Since our triangular scarves are great all-rounders for every season, they are of course also available in different materials. When it comes to fabrics, you have the choice between triangular scarves with muslin or cotton. Due to the different material compositions, you will definitely find the right triangular scarf for you.

Now it's getting colorful!

But we wouldn't be MiaMia if our triangular scarves didn't come with eye-catching, fashionable patterns - whether triangular scarves with a leopard print, triangular scarves with hearts or anchors, animal print triangular scarves or triangular scarves with neon details - there's something for everyone. Colorful towels are perfect for giving your outfit that certain something. If you like something simpler, you will of course also find single-colored triangular scarves in gray and black, red and pink or green and blue.

Whether you wear the scarf around your neck in a triangular shape, tie it together over one shoulder and let the other side hang loosely - the triangular scarf is your perfect companion and an absolute must-have in every wardrobe! So if you want to buy a triangular scarf, don't wait long and grab yourself a beautiful triangular scarf for every occasion!

Triangular scarves also for the little ones

Our bestsellers are now also available for children! Triangular scarves for children are perfect for protecting your neck from the cold on cold days and at the same time adding a childish, playful flair to your outfit. Our triangular scarves for children are therefore available in different patterns - you will find triangular scarves with a leopard print, triangular scarves with stars or dots, triangular scarves with stripes or triangular scarves with anchors. For that certain something, we work with the color neon for our children's triangular scarves - whether neon decorated edges or neon patterns - eye-catching colors are simply a must for children! It is important to us that children enjoy wearing our triangular scarves and are just as excited about the patterns and how comfortable they are to wear as we are!